Quinta do Rol is a centennial family estate, rich with traditions of the Estremadura region of Portufgal. Located in a rural area, it’s a perfect combination of achitectural beauty of the last century and the desire to make it modern with four areas of activity:

  • Wine production
  • Equestrian center
  • Events
  • Tourism


The purpose was to launch the new equestrian center and highlit the premium quality and excellence of the services offered by Quinta do Rol.


Our target was people over 40 years old, mostly women that wants to escape the city and relax while improving their horse riding skills.


The main challenge was to highlight the quality of the horses (all high school pure breed Lusitanos) and show that at Quinta do Rol the guests can relax, enjoy the time and improve their riding skills.


The project was a success and the video got more than 10k views and had a lot of engagement. Most of the clients came referenced by the video and Quinta do Rol made some partnerships with specialized travel agencies using the video as a marketing tool.